Tax Incentives

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program is a federal tax incentive to encourage Canadian businesses to conduct research and development in Canada. Tax credits of up to 35% are available on applicable expenditures up to $3,000,000.*

The program allows specific deductions from your income, plus a SR & ED investment tax credit that can potentially lower your income taxes.  Like most government tax credits, there is specific guidelines that must be followed in order to qualify for the potential savings.   It is important to get good advice to ensure that you are taking advantage of potential tax savings.

Corporate Advisors can help maximize your tax savings

Corporate Advisors are knowledgeable about the SR&ED Program and can help oversee a new application or help with previous applications that have been turned down. We can assist to provide important information on who can claim the tax incentives, what type of work qualifies for SR&ED tax incentives, and how to calculate your SR&ED expenditures and investment tax credit.  Our process can save you valuable time in preparing your application correctly and ensuring that you are receiving the maximum tax savings.

Whether you’d like assistance to manage your claim internally or would prefer to have us manage the whole process, we can work with you to find the best solution that fits your goals.

Don’t Leave Valuable Tax Incentives On The Table

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