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Why pay more in taxes than you should?

Why not take advantage of all or some of the compliant opportunities offered in the tax act to every Canadian?

We provide strategies to help reduce your taxes

Helping you to reduce taxes in your corporation

Reducing tax on active and passive income as well as capital gains in the corporation all the while improving your balance sheet.

Moving money out of your corporation tax efficiently

Let us show you the various options you have when moving the money out the corporation into your personal pocket.

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Years of experience

Corporate Advisors is a boutique firm, with years of experience in corporate tax planning, corporate financial planning and compliant tax strategies. We work with our clients and their teams on an individual basis to develop bespoke solutions that meet their needs.

We’ve helped thousands of our clients to improve their financial status

I have worked with Steven and the team at Corporate Advisors for the past few years and each time have been impressed with how easy it has been to develop and implement advanced tax planning strategies designed for the specific needs of the client.

Gord Berger has provided valuable advice to my clients. I have found him to be innovative, hard working and a person of integrity.


Solutions we offer

Passive Income tax on Retained earnings
A corporation’s passive assets can be taxed at over 50% or 26.5% with proper planning….which tax rate would you prefer?

Reducing a corporation’s passive income tax is not always at the forefront of tax planners’ minds, but should be! Why, without proper planning you may use your capital gain exemption, or elect to pay the highest rate in Canada, being over 50% in passive income. With proper structuring, both of these problems can be resolved easily.

Corporate Advisors has creative solutions that can greatly reduce passive income. Reducing business active income and capital gains tax

Reducing a business’ tax on active income
Traditionally Active income is taxed at 26.5% for businesses that are above the CCPC (small business level.)

We have many creative solutions designed to reduce these tax loads.

Reducing a business’ Capital Gains Tax
When assets, such as a building or a business, is sold, it could attract large taxes, like recapture on capital gains. This is generally why people decide not to sell assets. Let us show you the way to resolve this.

We have solutions that may minimize this tax and maximize your profit in the sale of a business or building.

Strategies for extracting retained earnings
Salary and dividends are the two main methods that business owners may take money out of their Corporations.

But did you know there is a third, far more effective strategy? Lets us show you the way.

What we do for you

  • Proactive when it comes to tax planning
  • Provide bespoke compliant solutions, we are not accountants nor lawyers.
  • Presents strategies to you and collaborate with your accountants and lawyers
  • Quarterback strategies with your accountants and lawyers, ensuring all understand and work FOR YOU!

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